Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wii is murder.

I normally just rag in the Wii Fit and claims to get in top shape with it. Then, I read an article about an increase in violent games for the Wii console. Ordinarily, I say parents need to watch their kids and know if they're being exposed to and/or playing games they shouldn't. Afterall, technically, a teen shouldn't be playing a rated M game and pre-teens shouldn't be playing teen. The ratings are there for a reason, but can't (and shouldn't!) replace parenting. When the violent games expose the kids to actually moving/gesturing like they're killing people, I fault Nintendo. There's a big difference between pushing a button to stab someone and actually jabbing your hands forward in stabbing motion. Both are simulations, but I think reality is blurred when the motion of enacting is involved. It's TOO real of a simulation. Which is fine for hitting a simulated tennis ball, but not for hitting in the gut.

Who knew there was a AO (Adults Only) rating and why isn't it used more for games that involve crimes (even if the crimes are simulated with the push of a button?)

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