Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pizza investigation needed!

While on vacation, I had some pizza and got to wondering about my previous posting about Sbarro's and pizza slices. Now, I know there may be local places that sell pizza slices, but they're few and far between or they open and close in the blink of time. Well, I did a quick search and there are some spots in Chicagoland that offers NY-style pizza by the slice AND white pizza. WHITE PIZZA! They serve white pizza up at Pizza-Ria, a franchise outfit with several locations in Chicagoland. I definitely need to make a pizza run to one of these.

Then there's Ian's Pizza, in Wrigleyville. I'll definitely try to swing by before or after my next Cubs game, but I don't have high hopes. I suspect drunken Cubs fans are discriminating enough to truly judge a great slice of pizza. Really, they just want dough to soak up Old Style.

I also found Pronto Za. Oh no they didn't. Any place that calls pizza "za" is not to be trusted for quality pizza. It's sacrilege. As if that wasn't offensive enough, slices are $3.50 a pop! Yep, we've got a gourmet joint (with specialty choices including Marguerita, Crabcake and Monkey Mango) pretending to be old school. Not working. And it's no coincidence websites on "protozoa" also came up in my finding "Pronto Za." Symbolic and ironic.

I will figure out a way to investigate these so-called by-the-slice shops and report back on my findings. Based on my previous samplings, the offerings will probably be chewy crusted and cheesy white (sans cheese bubbles), but I'll keep an open mond (and open taste buds).

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