Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Hangover: a true story for many men

I already posted the movie trailer for what looks like a hilarious movie, called "The Hangover." Turns out, the studio is so confident this will be a hit, they're working on a sequel, even though The Hangover isn't in theatres until June 5th. Here's the second trailer, which looks even funnier:

How can you go wrong with the creators of Old School and Road Trip? Isn't this "Old School: Young Fathers Edition" anyway? Any guy who has had to negotiate with his wife to go to a bachelor party knows that this movie could potentially be a documentary! (I unfortunately lost my negotiation to go to my buddy's BP in Vegas. Sorry Ted. Tear.)

I agree it's good to see a comedy not involving Adam Sandler/Will Farrell/Seth Rogen in any form. (even though Frank the Tank is a legend)

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