Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama blasted for being as stubborn stalwart as Bush?

100 days into the Presidential term, so you know what that means? Time to start getting negative. Which, coincidentally is exactly what the US needs right now to fix the economy and America's reputation abroad. According to recent polls:
the Pew Research Center says Obama has the most polarized early first-term job approval ratings of any president in the past four decades, part of a long-term trend of partisanship becoming more apparent in the measurement.
Now, I'm not saying Obama has done anything spectacular yet or that everyone has to love every decision he makes right now, but clearly, some shady politics are brewing. Political windbags are saying politics are becoming increasingly bipartisan due to redistricting and new media outlets. Uh huh. Let's cut the BS:
Given that bipartisanship is a two-way street, it's possible that Republicans are too resistant to working with the president, while Obama himself isn't willing to compromise enough. At the very least, there are deep and sincere differences between Republicans and Democrats, and they may be too difficult to overcome. Republicans contend Obama hasn't delivered at all.
So let's get this straight? Former President Bush gets to play "you're either with me or you're a terrorist/liberal/un-American" hard ball for 8 years, and he's considered stalwart and dedicated. President Obama trie playing hardball, and he's not compromising and not 100 days? I love how this country thinks!

For 8 years, President Bush messed up this country (and the world?), in more ways than one (financially, environmentally, theologically) and we can't cut Obama a break 100 days in. Brilliant!

My only hope is that if Obama can fix this country and return it to the great place that make Americans proud and makes other countries envy, people will remember that the GOP and their conservatism is what almost ruined this country, not elevated it.

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