Friday, April 24, 2009

Cutler continuing Chicago Bears' quarterbacks' tradition

So what's what the heir to Chicago Bears franchise quarterbacks to do during the off-season? Get wasted and chase ass, of course! Jay Cutler hasn't even been a Bear a month and he's yet again showing he can outdo Kyle Orton on the field throwing to mediocre receivers who couldn't catch an STD in a whorehouse and off the field. Orton was a Chicago legend off the field: always getting photographed out at the Chicago bars with "butterface" Lincoln Park trixies and sloppy beer spills on his shirts. Well, Cutler seems ready and actively trying to steal Orton's legendary rep. According to reports, he was partying at Hub51 earlier this month with Da Bears' tight-end Greg Olsen and chasing after some slut who banged some half-black Congressman Tweeted later the next morning that night about meeting him.
Geez, Cutler is going to go hog wild once Chicago is warm enough to actually do some serious partying on the town. Before taking in all of the celebratory activity this town has to offer, shouldn't he be prepping for the Superbowl everyone claims he's bringing the Bears to his first season as a Bear? Don't get me wrong, athletes party and Chi-town can be a huge distraction for them. But when yhe hasn't played in a game yet and he's being partying like the town Golden Boy, shouldn't there be concern? I have to say it's a bad start to things when the guy has diabetes and the Bear GM still can't make him stay home and watch film/train.

Well, let's hope for the best Chicago. Hey, at least he's bonding with his tight-end. Too bad he's all thumbs.

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