Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What, what (in the butt). What!!!?

Not sure how I missed this viral video craze. Then again, I don't exactly pay attention to "in the butt" videos. Basically, a flaming gay dude sings about getting poked in his poopshoot. Hoot, hoot (in the shoot!) The video below inspired it's own parodies (also below) and will have you taking it in the booty humming the catchy phrase all day long.

For a gay dude, Samwell is a shitty dancer. I mean, the robot? Speaky of shitty, what's with the giant heart made out of poop chocolate?

Anypoop, South Park made a parody of the video, which I didn't even realize until seeing the original video above. That tells you how wacky and subversive South Park can be. We knew Butters was a gay ho, but that he ripped off Samwell's poopy-hearted, busted Mr. Roboto ghetto vid masterpiece is shameful.

And now, it seems Israeli soldiers made their own parody video.
1. Don't they have anything better to do? Aren't these the supposed tough guys that use Krav Maga?!
2. Of all of the videos to parody, why this one? And how did they convince all of these guys to participate? "Hey, you bored? Wanna be in my "in the butt" video?" Er, no.

"Guns, guns (in the buns!)"

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