Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus Hate

My wife loves the show Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC. I personally can't stand how the Gosselins Kate makes the chaos a large family seem so perfect. Seriously, she might as well turn to the camera and say, "I have eight kids, which is more than you, so I'm a better parent than you." So, naturally I'm loving the recent headlines that are revealing that not only is she and her life not perfectly planned out, but there's shady stuff going down. And I'm not talking her wacky haircut.

First, Kate's husband was accused of flirting with co-eds in college bars. Then, he was linked to having an affair with some home wrecker. (Not that anyone blames Jon the husband; on the show, Kate notoriously berates and belittles Jon to the point that he's been symbolically castrated.) Now we're finding out, Kate's been banging her bodyguard all along! Open marriage anyone?

So what's the problem here again? They make millions on a tv show and with books, get laid by hot lovers on the side and don't have to watch their kids much? Sounds like a dream to me!!

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