Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sci-fi fanboys:go back to film school. And take Lucas back with you.

I thought it would be cool to take a poll on sci-fi movies. It was until I started seeing the results of the poll voting showing a stonrg preference towards all things George Lucas. Rigged? Not not, really. Just a bunch of Star Wars dorks who can't accept that midi-clorans and Jar Jar Binks tainted even the original 3 movies. (And that's coming from a guy who has a framed piece of Empire Strikes back wrapping paper from whn he was a kid (circa '83!).

The poll is of the Best and Worst Sci-fi movies ever. I'll sum up the categories that pissed me off some of the categories and the leaders for each:

Q. What's the best sci-fi movie of all time?
Blade Runner
The Matrix
Star Wars (LEADER)
* OK, I can deal with this although I voted "Aliens."

Q. What's the best franchise of all time?
Star Trek
Star Wars (LEADER, even tough it includes thru 2005!)
* I can agree with this provide the last 3 films released aren't counted. Sorry, but the same applies to the other contenders: Ali3n and Alien 4 sucked, so did Matrix 2 and 3.

Q. Most underrated film?
Dark City (awesome)
Last Starfighter (cool at the time)
Pitch Black (good flick)
Serenity (LEADER; wasn't anyone else disappointed by this movie?)
Starman (romantic sci-fi?)
Tron (freaking amazing!!!!)

Basically, Star Wars is winning all of the "Best" categories and spared in the "Worst."

WTF? People are looking forward to a Robocop remake more than the Tron sequel. For this reason, fanboys deserve to not be getting laid.

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