Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ass-urance on insurance

I'm going to stop the political posts for a while because they make me mental, but some things have been bothering me in the media lately and I need to vent. Even if only to myself and the few people who accidentally view the website looking for legit information that will help aid you in life, like Craigslist's Casual Encounters page or the Drinkers Against Mad Mothers website (BTW, this dude is going straight to hell.)

Anyhell, the U.S. is closer to a healthcare reform bill. Now, I haven't been keeping up with this healthcare debate because I purchase PPO plan through my work. Always have, always will...hate waiting to get permission from HMO's to go see a doctor when I want. So, the bill doesn't have an impact on me directly, other than possibly increasing the amount I pay because insurance companies will raise all rates to cover the fines and increase imposed on them by this bill. But, that's the insurance companies doing for screwing over average citizens, right? Not the government. Isn't the insurance companies who refuse to cover pre-existing conditions that might actually lower the likelihood of developing complex medical conditions that burden the reimbursement system? Yep. Isn't it the insurance companies that raise malpractice rates and force hospitals to up charges in order to cover? Uh huh. Rather than complaining about illegal aliens (BTW, there's a lot more uninsured Americans who receive free treatment in hospitals than's called Medicare) ruining things, how about implementing a system that warrants having to provide ID in order to be covered under the public plan?

Nope, let's keep listening to the idiots out there who come up with clever campaigns like this poster:

And by idiots, I'm not talking about the GOP right. I'm talking the big insurance lobby that doesn't want the good times to end for their companies and be forced into competitive rate cuts!!!!

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