Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Senator Wilson proves South Carolina lacks has class.

As if the story of South Carolina's Governor wasn't funny enough (remember no one could find him...then his aids said he was hiking for a couple of days...then it turns out he was hiking up his mistress' skirt in South America?), now there's this Congressional outburst controversy. Maybe Jimmy thought he said, "You die!"? I love how the last lines of the article are the most compelling argument.
In 2003, Wilson called it "unseemly" and a "smear" for the mixed-race daughter of Sen. Strom Thurmond, Essie Mae Washington-Williams, to identify the longtime South Carolina senator as her father after his death. After a public outcry, he reversed course and said he had the utmost respect for Washington-Williams.

As a state senator, he was an outspoken opponent of efforts to remove the Confederate flag from atop the South Carolina Statehouse.

Who says the media is too liberal? Sounds kind of damning to me! If the shoe fits...

Speaking of shoes, does pat Boone have a pair that match his jacket in this photo? I couldn't find a photo of Wilson with the confederate flag, but this one with Pat Boone is even better. Whatta patriot! (Where's Waldo alert: what's with the guy in back making fun of Pat's "creative" American outfit? He's probably a terrorist. He's definitely un-American fo sho.)

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