Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Going "Ho"gue: How Sarah Palin still doesn't get it

Like any hard-working famewhore, Sarah Palin has a book to pimp out. She's putting on her tired Joe-sixpack "I'm just like you" fake persona heels and doing her best trick strut to hit the cold Alaskan street corners airwaves and pages for interviews. Lucky for us, POLITICO got ahold of Palin's book before it's spun to death. They put together some snippets and paraphrasing from the book which I'd like to add my own spin to:
John and Cindy McCain receive fulsome praise throughout the book from Palin, him as a brave American hero and her as a mix of elegant lady and Every Mom.
An American hero who Palin was more than happy to step over in order to gain popularity. And nothing says everyday mom like a spoiled rich pill popper, right Governor beauty queen Sarah?
Taking issue with what she said was Schmidt’s attempt to get her a nutritionist, Palin observes: “As he lectured, I looked at his rotund physique and noted that he used nicotine to keep his own cognitive connections humming along.”
I love how judgemental Palin can be one minute and yet ask for sympathy when the mirror is turned on her. How old was your daughter in the MySpace photos showing her drinking? How much did you sell the previous governor's airplane for? How was your brother-in-law fired as a cop again?
“This picture says it all,” Palin writes in the caption. “A dark hotel room in Philadelphia and a frustrated Mark Wallace trying to tell me which of his non-answers I should give during debate prep.”
Sarah, your debating was all fluff! Without those non-answers, you had nothing. If you'd listen to McCain's camp, you may have actually of won your debates. Christ, the times you "went rogue," you sounded like an idiot. And onto the Katie Couric issue...
Palin accuses Couric of having gone easier on Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden, and twice claims that the newswoman’s own clothing stylist was actually part of the team hired by the GOP to outfit the vice-presidential candidate for the campaign.
Yes, this is true. Instead of asking Joe Biden where he gets his news, she asked him his favorite color.

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