Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jersey Shore (aka The Real World: Seaside)

Will the rest of the world now think Americans are guidos instead of cowboys?

Being from Jersey originally, I know the real name for this shore town is Sleazeside. MTV has started a new show for guidos and guidettes to get drunk and horny with each other to show what young Italians do to perpetuate stereotyping living in a Jersey shorehouse is like. Of course, I'm hooked alrady, line and sinker in mouth!

My interest in the show differs from most people, however. Whereas most of this country (and maybe the world?) is watching this weekly trainwreck thinking "there's no way people actually look, talk and act like that," I'm watching thinking "I went to school with these nutjobs." I can attest that this show is for real and these people do act this way on a daily basis. This is how the Jersey shore lays out every summer when a bunch of young people whore it up on the weekends with like-minded nutjobs. Thus why the most popular shore town for partying earned the nickname "Sleazeside," instead of Seaside.

Whereas I always wanted to leave New Jersey to get away from these personalities, watching this show is a small taste of revisiting the past without having to actually go back. I can practically smell the Sambuca and taste the saltwater taffy all over again!

What's sad is I now find cheesy guido tees funny instead of a warning for a meat looking for a fight on the boardwalk:

And finally: fist pumping to the Total Eclipse of the Heart club remix kinda says it all:

Guido = Douchebag

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