Saturday, December 5, 2009

Obama surrounded by idiots?

So I think we all knew this Presidency would be the complete opposite of the last Presidency, especially since Obama was voted in under the theme of "change." But it's starting to be very interesting to see the ways in which the "opposite nature" of his leadership is being revealed.

At a recent White House press corps debriefing, the White House Secretary chastised a reporter for following-up on the "white house party crashers" issue and wondering if someone within the White House (other than the Secret Service) may have been to blame. Here's the video:

What's interesting is how Bush and his cronies used to get pissy over national agenda and the questioning of their stalwart stance towards that agenda. Now Obama and his cronies get pissy over social agenda and their lack of organization.

What's also represetnative of the inherent difference in Presidencies is who make up these "cronies." Whereas it is assumed that President Bush was a figurehead who alllowed his political team to run the country and make decisions, President Obama clearly has surrounded himself with less intelligent and less reliable staffers.

It's going to be an interesting 4 years!

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