Monday, January 19, 2009

If U Seek Amy fast. If U Seek Amy hard.

Britney is back on her game again. Not only is she hot again (although rather than school-girl hot she's now milf-next-door hot), but she's causing controversy like back in the day. Her new single, If U Seek Amy, is upsetting conservative parent watchdog groups. Are there explicit lyrics? Nope. Is the video raunchy? Nope, no video yet to complain about. So what's the big deal? Say the title real fast and YOU MIGHT figure it out, although I had trouble recognizing the raciness (and it's debatable how racy it is). When said fast, the title (and chorus) of the song sounds like you're spelling out F.U.C._Me. Try it again. Do you fell dirty now? Yeah, I didn't think so.

In any case, thanks to these groups, she'll probably sell a billion records now and this so-so song will be the first mega-hit of 2009. Congrats!

Here's the song. You might need earmuffs. It's soooo filthy.

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