Monday, January 19, 2009

Roping up the Lord

Speaking of wacky Christian groups with nothing better to do, HERE is an article about cowboy churches. You know, a plate of Jesus with a side helping of animal cruelty. I know, it's not cool to make fun, especially about religion. And I agree. Which is why I'm making fun of rodeo numbnuts.

"It appeals to you because it's 'come as you are,'" said Chris Maddox, who attends the Cowboy Church of Ellis County. "You don't feel judged based on how you're dressed, how you talk, how you look. We're not asking somebody to be something they're not."
Call me crazy, but I remember, when I was a kid, having to dress up for church: collared shirt, khakis at a minimum, no sneakers of sandals. You'd get turned away in jeans. Nowadays, people attend church in t-shirts and shorts. So what is he talking about "come as you are?" How much more lazy can church attire get? I'm thinking the dress-code for cowboy church is undershirts and sweatpants...and if they're stain-free even better, y'all!

Some Baptist leaders say their cowboy churches have grown so quickly because they offer an alternative for those who associate churches with long sermons and pressure to donate or accept Jesus as their savior.
What's the point of going to mass again? My bad, I thought it was accepting God into your life through teachings, but it's hogtying calfs. Seriously, do people really need more of an incentive to attend church? If you're too lazy to go, than maybe you're not dedicated enough to go. And if someone is bored in a mass, why the need for rodeo entertainment? Again, I would think this would be distracting from the...I don't know...the religious lessons being taught?

Churchgoers wear cowboy hats and jeans, sing hymns accompanied by a country band and get baptized in horse troughs.
Whooooaaa, hold up a sec. Baptisms in horse troughs? I'm sold. I'll start up my own cowboy church to see that shit!

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